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Bravo bowlers inspire West Indies to final

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I don't know when, major mobile phone manufacturers like to use "scare" as a word of mouth for mobile phone products, such as scary technology, scary camera pixels, and generally use this slogan for mobile phone products, will bring us different users The surprise even brought a huge impact to the entire market. However, the current mobile phone market is still relatively uniform. From shaping sub-brands, segmenting product lines, and doing everything possible to cover more user groups, under the pressure of sales, all head mobile phone manufacturers have adopted similar product marketing strategies. Xiaomi naturally did not miss this opportunity, and its product line division is also obvious. Redmi focuses on cost-effectiveness, Xiaomi 9 series balance, MIX series innovation, and CC series has a new wave of future. Every mobile phone product has its existence. The significance is that Xiaomi's mobile phone market is a bit bumpy. After coming out of the trough, this year it began to give our users a sense of no direction.

This year's Xiaomi's voice in the mobile phone market is very weak. Basically, there are not many new phones released. The Xiaomi CC series developed by it has not gained particularly high popularity, because the main direction of the Xiaomi CC series is different from Xiaomi's previous positioning. Xiaomi officially stated that it is a trendy camera phone for young people around the world, as well as a younger, more beautiful Xiaomi phone that takes better photos before and after. Even Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi CC is a trendy mobile phone belonging to young people around the world. The product team consists of a group of Chic & Cool post-90s generations. This time Xiaomi will really redefine the trendy mobile phone with the ideas of young people. Although this idea is very good, and the performance of Xiaomi CC series in terms of appearance and photography is very strong, even surpassing most mobile phone manufacturers, but the performance still pulls down the score, which is one of the reasons leading to the bumpy market.

Take Xiaomi CC9Pro, for example, it is really powerful in taking pictures. The combination of a macro lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, main camera, portrait lens, and an ultra-telephoto lens basically covers the entire shooting scene of the user. And on the lens, the ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor jointly developed by Xiaomi and Samsung is adopted, which is also the industry's first mobile image sensor with more than 100 million pixels. The imaging capability is indeed very strong. And with the 10x hybrid optical zoom and 50x digital zoom shooting capabilities, coupled with the four-axis optical image stabilization capability, there is no problem with daily or traveling photos. The front is not weak, and it is equipped with a 32-megapixel front camera with F2.0 aperture, which can easily meet daily selfies.

The face value is also in line with the young trend. The front uses a 6.47-inch AMOLED hyperboloid screen, and the screen has passed the eye protection certification of Rheinland. Compared with the previous Xiaomi flagship mobile phone, it also has a certain improvement on the chin. Naturally, the face value has been improved once again. The back cover also adopts a curved surface design, but it is not a hyperboloid but a full curved surface, that is, a deep curved surface is designed at the top, bottom, left, right, and four corners of the entire back cover. This advantage can ensure a comfortable grip. If you just look at the appearance and take pictures, Xiaomi CC9Pro is really strong, but unfortunately, Xiaomi CC9Pro is a bit "excessively hard", in the case of highlighting the highlights, the performance has not kept pace.

Xiaomi CC9Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor. In terms of memory specifications, it mainly uses 6GB and 8GB memory specifications. The actual storage capacity is also divided into 128GB and 256GB versions. There is definitely no problem in daily use, but in Near the price of Xiaomi CC9Pro, most are Snapdragon 855Plus models, so this is a bit difficult to accept. Of course, Xiaomi CC9Pro is equipped with a large 5260mAh battery. If you just like to take pictures and like daily use, Xiaomi CC9Pro is quite attractive. But having said that, the development of Xiaomi CC9Pro is not short, and the price has begun to loosen. According to official data, the price of Xiaomi CC9Pro high-profile version has begun to loose and came to 2999 yuan. As a flagship machine, Xiaomi CC9Pro's camera capabilities are very prominent. This price reduction will inevitably make users think more, such as "Can't sell it?"

In fact, the previous Xiaomi CC9Pro is still very strong, but there are still weaknesses because the main components of the smartphone are the processor, memory, and screen. Others such as NFC and photography are indeed icing on the cake, but they are not consumers. The main option chosen when buying, Xiaomi CC9Pro's Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, USF2.1 does pull down a lot of points, so this price reduction may be very helpless for Xiaomi, so we will not recommend this to everyone Mobile phone products, after all, the new year is coming, and better new phones are still waiting for our users. So the question comes, if Xiaomi CC9Pro's processor is Snapdragon 855Plus, will you be excited?

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