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Why are curved screens very hot and high-end, but not many people buy them? The reason is very disturbing

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The mobile phone screen is one of the most important parts of a mobile phone. With the development of mobile phone screens, the design of curved screens has gradually been applied to high-end mobile phones by major mobile phone manufacturers. It has a better field of vision experience, a good feel, and a better display.

Although curved screens are easy to use, in fact, not many people choose to buy curved screen phones. Why is this? The professor will analyze it today.


Curved screen phones are generally expensive

Curved screen phones are currently mainly used on flagship phones, and the manufacturing cost of curved screens is relatively high, so the overall price of mobile phones will not come down naturally. Coupled with the chip configuration of high-end mobile phones, as well as the configuration of camera and battery life, the price is getting higher and higher.

Although many friends of top mobile phones don't care about the price, after all, users who buy high-end mobile phones are not as wide as those who buy mid-range mobile phones, so naturally there are not many people buying curved screen mobile phones.


Large screen repair costs

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturing cost of curved screens is high, and it is also accompanied by a big problem, that is, the cost of repairing the screen will be higher, and many friends often tease like this, you can buy another one for the price of the screen Phone, you can imagine its maintenance costs.

In addition, because the curved screen mobile phone is the four corners of the screen, falling down is directly in contact with the ground, so a curved screen mobile phone is more easily broken than a normal screen mobile phone screen. Therefore, some people do not consider curved screen phones when they buy mobile phones.


Screen touch

Although the curved screen is generally used on high-end mobile phones, it is a manifestation of strength and grade, but in fact, a large number of users very hate this design of mobile phones, because on most curved screen mobile phones, the hand can directly touch the mobile phone The screen on the side is easy to touch by mistake. This design has undoubtedly brought trouble to some users, and mobile phone manufacturers are now trying to solve this problem.


Difficult film

When buying a new phone, we all like to put a film on our mobile phone, so that the screen of the mobile phone will not be scratched, or the screen of the mobile phone will not be broken easily. But the curved screen film is difficult to paste, and the general tempered film is very difficult to paste, even if the soft film is not so convincing, it is far from the bare metal experience.

These are the reasons why the professor summarized. Do you like curved screen phones? What do you think about this? Comments are welcome to speak freely ~

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