Friday, December 20, 2019

Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro, a good helper for working women

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Laptops for women in the workplace? The performance should be strong and all kinds of work can be handled; the appearance is thin and light, or it is too tiring to take out the field; and the beauty is the most important thing, isn't it beautiful enough to be worth the flower of the office? Is there such a notebook? Have! The new Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro can meet all the above needs. Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro is a high-performance business notebook specifically designed to meet the needs of elite women in the pursuit of excellence.

Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro meets all office requirements

Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro uses the eighth-generation Intel WhiskyLake microprocessor chip, high-performance AMD Radeon 540X 2GB DDR5 independent display. In terms of running and reading speed, Lenovo Yangtianwei 6Pro is equipped with M.2 PCIE high-speed solid-state hard disk, supporting 4 Channel communication, theoretical connection speed up to 32Gbps, equivalent to 5 times the speed of the SATA bus protocol. The powerful processor performance is comparable to the display performance of a gaming graphics card. Whether it is to do picture editing or game entertainment, it can easily meet your needs.

The left side of the fuselage includes a front and back pluggable power port + HDMI + Type-C + 3.5mm headphone port, and on the right are two USB 3.1 and 11 hours long battery life and 80% fast charging function in 1 hour. Let Lenovo Yang Tianwei 6 Pro can easily deal with in various occasions. You can use Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro with peace of mind whether it is an ad hoc meeting or a business trip.

Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro meets all fashion aesthetics

Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro uses aerospace 5 series aluminum alloy, solid and delicate shell, no longer have to worry about new nails accidentally scratching the shell; Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 ProA surface uses fine frosting To completely avoid the trouble of fingerprint contamination, you will never worry about your notebook becoming a "fingerprint collector" after applying hand cream. The space gray color is more youthful and full of cool fashion. Regardless of the details, Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro highlights the elegant workplace temperament.

With a thickness of 15.9mm and a light weight of 1.34kg, even women can easily store and carry around during commuting, business trips or travel, sharing and handling various tasks at any time. The 14-inch body size is very streamlined to a suitable size, with a 5.5m micro bezel, eliminating unwanted bezel interference, a wide field of vision, and a visually light effect while improving the face value. The 180-degree opening and closing angle allows the small body of the Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro to meet your needs in any situation.

Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro meets all security needs

Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro can block the lens, physically free to choose to open or close the camera, to prevent the camera from being accidentally turned on, completely eliminate the risk of being photographed, women can rest assured that they can use it again.

Lenovo Yangtianwei 6 Pro is equipped with the function of quick wake-up of the computer, and the voice wake-up is used immediately. When you need to use the computer, you can quickly wake up and enter the working state in seconds, so that the inspiration is no longer waiting. Combine the new fingerprint with the power button 2 in 1 , Instantly complete the unlocking of the boot, and realize that you can leave the lid when you have a temporary event, and you can unlock and continue to work without pressing a long string of passwords.

Lenovo provides Yangtianwei 6 Pro users with up to 2 years of complete machine warranty and on-site service. At the same time, it supports 7 × 24 × 12 hour time response service. The engineer telephone online support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 12 hours a day. Professional engineers are on-site service. You can come to your house from 9:00 to 21:00 to troubleshoot your computer. It is open 24 hours a year. With full service protection, Plan B is built for the fighters to reduce accidental business losses.

At present, Lenovo has established more than 2,400 service sites covering 1-6 tier cities, with a service system of more than 10,000 certified engineers, responding at all times, and responding to your urgency, helping the fighters make a difference in their dream pursuit.

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